Press Release – KICs in 87th Thessaloniki International Fair

At the 87th Thessaloniki International Fair, which took place from September 9 to September 17, 2023, at the exhibition space of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EVEP), the Municipality of Piraeus participated with the action: ‘Knowledge and Innovation Community for the Blue Economy (KIC-BE) in Piraeus’.


The exhibition saw significant participation from businesses, foreign investors, members of other chambers of commerce, exhibitors, various organizations, and companies operating in the Blue Economy sector.

Visitors to the exhibition, including Mr. Vasilis Korkidis, the President of EVEP, had the opportunity to learn about the activities of the Knowledge and Innovation Community. Additionally, many visitors from different countries, as well as government officials, honored the booth with their presence.

The Municipality of Piraeus, in collaboration with the University of Piraeus, had the opportunity, through this exhibition, to showcase the innovative and digital tools of the project ‘Support for the creation and development of the Knowledge and Innovation Community for the Blue Economy (KIC-BE) in Piraeus’.

Alongside other initiatives, the Municipality of Piraeus highlighted the significant support provided to the local business community, both directly and indirectly, through business consultations and the free distribution of innovative products.

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“The goal of this initiative, utilizing the resources provided by the Knowledge and Innovation Community, was to attract international visitors and promote the local economy of Piraeus, as well as the entrepreneurship in the blue economy sector, on an international scale.”

Co-funded by Greece and the European Union