Piraeus showcases a well-developed and highly productive economic activity, centered around the Blue Economy sectors. It maintains global connections, being one of the foremost maritime forces worldwide.

The Strategy for Blue Development in the Municipality of Piraeus constitutes a comprehensive design approach, encompassing all sectors related to the Blue Economy. Simultaneously, it lays the foundation for enhancing inter-municipal and cross-regional collaboration in the broader area.

The Municipality of Piraeus’ Strategy for Blue Development aims to adopt a unified and integrated approach with a strong complementary and multiplier effect, as opposed to isolated interventions and actions.

It offers a shared strategic framework for fostering a healthy, productive, and resilient hub of the Blue Economy, aiming to boost entrepreneurship and innovation, create job opportunities, and develop the Blue Economy sectors in Piraeus and its wider region.

Furthermore, it aims to promote the sectors related to the Blue Economy, improve social cohesion, and highlight Piraeus as an investment and tourist destination.

The objectives of the PMC-BE are integrated into the Vision of the Strategy for the Blue Development of Piraeus, which aims to transform Piraeus into an Innovative, Competitive, and Resilient Center for the Organization and Development of activities related to the Blue Economy, with an International Orientation and Scope.

In order to establish the Blue Economy as a key driver of Piraeus' development, as well as the broader area, the Region, and the Country, the Strategy for Blue Development focuses on the following objectives:

Formation of the framework and means that facilitate effective collaboration among interested and involved parties at different levels of planning and decision-making.
Promotion of knowledge and skills of the human capital for the development of the Blue Economy.
Promotion of blue entrepreneurship and enhancement of research, development, and innovation in Blue Economy activities.
Improvement of spatial planning and infrastructure that support sustainable and smart development.
Elevation of Piraeus as a hub for the dissemination and diffusion of knowledge and information in matters of innovative blue entrepreneurship and Blue Development.