The University of Piraeus (UNIPI) and Gnosis Consulting as contractors ,undertake the development and operation of the Knowledge and Innovation Community in the Blue Economy of the Municipality of Piraeus, within the framework of the project “Support for the Creation and Development of a Knowledge and Innovation Community for the Blue Economy (KICS) in Piraeus”, an innovative initiative that will contribute to the organization, promotion, and enhancement of the Blue Economy sectors.

The University of Piraeus offers high-quality and internationally competitive educational services, produces valuable research work, and fosters productive collaborations with the real economy. The competitive advantages of the University of Piraeus for the successful completion of the project include:

1. The strong alignment of the university’s studies and research with the Blue Economy, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
2. The large number of researchers with relevance to the project’s subject.
3. The availability of all necessary infrastructure and technological facilities.

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Gnosis Consulting offers a wide range of specialized consulting services to businesses and organizations regarding the provision of business development services, including business plans, for both public and private entities. It covers all key economic sectors, from industry and technology to energy, environment, transportation, real estate development, and urban development in general. The company’s services address the needs arising in all phases of the KIC project’s lifecycle, as well as specialized requirements for technical consulting support.

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